Update: proposed amendments to Landcom Award - Public Service Association

Update: proposed amendments to Landcom Award

Proposed Amendments - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA met with management on 2 December 2020 to discuss proposed alterations to the Landcom Award. The meeting was dealing with high-level theoretical constructs, and was constructive and informative.

Based on members’ approval, the PSA provided in-principle agreement with a few proposed administrative arrangements. These include reviewing the Award to include gender-neutral terms, and a thorough review of numbering to use decimalisation clause numbers instead of alpha and numeric clause numbers.

There were several proposals that the PSA was reluctant to discuss at any rate, concerned that it would take away entitlements or potentially erode some existing entitlements, especially when the PSA is yet to make any log of claims on Landcom for changes that we might propose.

On this basis, Landcom will now write to the PSA with further detail about the proposed amendments. The PSA will review this information.

Additionally, the PSA is able to propose amendments to the Landcom Award. We will meet with members to canvass this in the new year.


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