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UrbanGrowth NSW – Transition update

UrbanGrowth NSW – Transition update – September 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA has been notified that despite some staff not knowing their status with either the UrbanGrowth Development Corporation or Landcom proposed functional organisational structures, they have been asked for their organisation preferences and personal profiles.

The PSA considers the timeframe for the mapping to be entirely inadequate.

Providing this information to staff on Friday lunchtime and expecting feedback by COB Tuesday 5 September is not acceptable, particularly for affected staff who are still unclear of their current status and where they sit in the new structures.

In addition, there are staff who have requested feedback on submissions that they submitted prior to the 14 August deadline who have not been provided with any detailed information as to why certain feedback was acted on and incorporated into the new organisational structures and why some was not.

This of course has had a direct impact on future roles in the new structures for UrbanGrowth Development Corporation and Landcom.

The PSA does not consider this to be adequate consultation.

As a result, the PSA has scheduled the following members meetings:

  • Parramatta – Monday 11 September at 12 noon (room TBA)
  • MLC Centre – Wednesday 13 September at 9:00am (room TBA)

In order to avoid any action in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) the PSA has requested that staff be given more time for the preference and profile exercise, and suggested that the timeframe be extended until after the PSA has consulted with members and given the opportunity to raise and clarify any issues with HR.

The PSA will update members with the outcome from these discussions, however we advise members not to rush into the process.

If you believe you have not been given enough time, we urge you contact either or the PSA at to lodge your concern.

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