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Victims Services member update

Member Update - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

Policy/SPP team

The PSA has been made aware that Victims Services will create a new 9/10 Senior Policy Officer within the Policy/Strategic Policy and Programs team, thereby changing the current structure of the team to two 9/10s and three 7/8s. This would be a restructure of that team and requires consultation with the PSA. While the Commissioner of Victims Services has advised that individuals involved have been had discussions with management, consultation, as an Award provision, is between the agency and the PSA. If members have concerns about the proposed changes, please contact the PSA.

“Team contracts” regarding working from home

The PSA has been made aware that Victims Services wants to introduce “Team Contracts” in regard to working-from-home arrangements. The PSA was concerned that the nature of the changes may have consequences for employee rights under the Award, including access to Flex Time, rostering provisions and WH&S concerns. However, since seeking further information from the Commissioner of Victims Services, the situation has been clarified. The Commissioner has advised that the “team contracts” issue has been the subject of discussion internally and it has been clarified on more than one instance that this term is colloquial rather than legal. She also expressed that it was disappointing that this may have been misunderstood given the positive spirit in which working-from-home discussion were started. 

Further, the Commissioner advises that members have been surveyed and are very interested in pursuing working-from-home arrangements post-pandemic and teams have been encouraged to have discussions about what that might look like when balancing delivery; engagement; time in the office and working-from-home arrangements and so on.

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