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WBS IO: Update

WBS IO Update – May 2019 (PDF version)

Following the IRC dispute proceedings the PSA met with the Department on Monday, 27 May 2019, to consult on the implementation of WBS/IO.

At that meeting the PSA notified the Department that members were reporting that the system was generating significantly inaccurate reports for PP 24, and other related problems.

The Department acknowledged that they were aware that there were ‘bugs’; that they were ‘minor’, and that they were being fixed.

Despite the agreements to continue to consult and establish a working group, the PSA considers this to be an unsatisfactory response. We have written to the Department putting the position that administrative staff should not be expected to re-enter the data and asking for clarification about the information provided in the WBS IO Project: Update 4-Term 2 2019. It has also put to the Department that it should provide the PSA with its plans for managing the current situation.

We have requested an urgent response.

A copy of that letter is available HERE.

We encourage members to continue to notify faults as incidents to edConnect and to provide these also to schools@psa.asn.au.

Your Health and Safety Comes First!

You must not put yourself at risk due to work overload.  Members are reminded that you must not:

  1. Work additional unpaid hours
  2. Work unpaid overtime.

The Department cannot rely on your good will to absorb the ever increasing workloads in schools.  We advise you not to work unreasonable hours to complete work, especially that which is regular and ongoing.

Members are advised to contact the PSA if you are expected/required to work unpaid additional hours and log every incident of work overload with the Department. You can read the PSA’s previous bulletin on this HERE.

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