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Working from home and your Flexible Working Agreement

Members are entitled to flexible start and finish times and the accrual of Flex hours whether working remotely or at the office.

The PSA understands members within Information Digital Services, and particularly within Field Services have been told they are not to accrue Flex hours when working from home. The PSA has raised this with HR. HR’s initial response was that the provisions of the Flexible Working Hours Agreement should apply regardless of whether members are working from home or not. The PSA subsequently followed up with further details provided by members within Field Services on 6 July 2021. We will update members once we receive a response.

The PSA reminds members to maintain accurate timesheets recording your actual working hours (whether working from home or the office) and to reasonably accrue and request Flex leave, as per the current agreement.

Given staff have been directed to work from home, unless their work can only be done from an office location, the PSA provides members with the following advice:

  1. Ensure you keep accurate records of actual hours worked, as your timesheet is an auditable record and any erring from this is a serious issue.
  2. If you are working from home, you should have the same access to flexible start and finish times and reasonable accrual of flex, as you would working from the office.
  3. Any direction that you cannot accrue flex time when working from home, or a limitation on your daily flex accrual time when working from home, is not compliant with the Flexible Working Agreement. Management cannot arbitrarily impose this additional restriction, not contained in the agreement.
  4. Management cannot simply quote “operational needs” to justify a blanket rule to deny employees access to the Crown Award condition of flexible hours. Operational needs can be met without imposing a Flex time restriction and it is a managerial responsibility to effectively manage teams to facilitate this.

If you have been advised that you are not allowed to access flexible start and finish times or accrue Flex leave, please contact the PSA for assistance.

How to contact the PSA

You can stay connected with the PSA through your local workplace delegates and PSA Organiser.

You can also raise individual and collective issues with the PSA by contacting our Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or email 

Interested in learning more about your Award and Flexible Working Agreement?

You can find a copy of the flexible working agreement HERE.

Staying connected with your union while working from home

The PSA thanks our members for their hard work during this difficult time.

We remind you that we are here to assist and support you however we can during lockdown.

If you would like individual or collective assistance you can contact Member Support by calling 1300 772 679 or emailing 

You can also contact PSA Organiser Alex Sala  and arrange a workplace meeting online.

Do you know someone who is not a member?

You can support the work of the PSA to get better outcomes for everyone by asking your colleagues to join their union at

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