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The PSA has your back on Office of Sport role changes

Got Your Back - March 2020 (PDF version)

PSA Office of Sport
Update on consultation about role changes

The PSA is in consultation with the Office of Sport over proposed changes to 23 support staff roles in Sport and Recreation Centres, resulting from the new ‘Homebase’ centralised booking system.  The Office of Sport is required under the Crown Award to consult with the PSA over matters of mutual concern and interest (65.1) and technological change (65.2) such as this, that impact our members.    

On 4 February 2020 we participated in a teleconference with affected staff, chaired by the Sport and Recreation, Executive Director (ED).  The ED outlined the proposed changes and circulated a draft Role Description to the affected staff. 

We thank our members, especially the Client Service Officers, for the valuable information and feedback provided concerning the implications of removing bookings and other duties from your role; and for your comments on the draft new Role Description.  The PSA is also aware that the Homebase booking system impacts the roles of Program Coordinators in the Sport and Recreation centres and has asked for a comprehensive Change Management Plan to outline the changes in duties, responsibilities and reporting lines for all affected staff.

Consultation – what the PSA has done so far

The PSA compiled member feedback, questions and concerns and conveyed these to the Office of Sport in formal correspondence on 13 February 2020 you can read that letter HERE.

The Office of Sport provided a formal response on 24 February 2020 you can read their letter HERE.

Whilst some commitments and undertakings were given to continue consultation including further briefings to staff, the Association was not satisfied that all our valid member concerns were adequately addressed in the response from the Executive Director. 

On 2 March 2020, the PSA sent further correspondence requesting a number of specific actions be taken to address the remaining member concerns and ensure our members job security. You can read that letter HERE.

The PSA is continuing to actively represent our members in this change.  We now await a response from The Office of Sport and will discuss at our next meeting with HR executives, how we can progress the matter. 

Office of Sport commitments and undertakings

In response to PSA advocacy on behalf of our members, the Office of Sport has made a number of undertakings as follows:

  • No roles will be deleted and no employee will lose his/her job.
  • Current employees will be directly re-assigned to the new role.
  • Current part-time work arrangements will be honoured.
  • An objective grading of the new role (once the duties, responsibilities are agreed upon) will be undertaken by a “suitably qualified evaluator using the Mercer CED job evaluation methodology”.
  • To provide training and professional development for all affected staff
  • To conduct further staff briefings when the duties and responsibilities of the role are agreed    

The PSA will update members as matters progress.

Two easy things you can do to support your union

  1. Support the work of the PSA and delegates by asking your colleagues to JOIN their union.
  2. If members you work with have not received this bulletin, forward the survey link to them and ask them to update their details at or 1300 772 679.

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