Planning and Environment update - Public Service Association

Planning and Environment update

The Public Service Association (PSA) was invited to the Town Hall meeting on 15 August 2022 where the Deputy Secretary Mr Shaun Smith addressed staff from Corporate Services and People and Culture to announce Phase 2 of the People and Culture Transition into Corporate Services.

Staff were provided with a Draft Change Management Plan (Draft CMP) and were advised the organisational structure would be provided to staff later that day.

The PSA attended an information session with DPE on 10 August 2022 however the PSA did not receive the Draft CMP until Sunday 14 August 2022.

This restructure affects most staff within Corporate Services and People and Culture. While the Deputy Secretary advised there would be no loss of jobs, there will be significant changes to reporting lines and some functions and realigning.

The Deputy Secretary also provided a two-week consultation period on the draft CMP. This timeframe of two weeks did not allow sufficient time for the PSA to receive and collate feedback to enable a comprehensive response to be provided on behalf of our members.

Given the scale of the restructure, the PSA will be requesting the consultation period be extended.

The PSA requests from our members feedback on the Draft CMP and structures.

Please provide your feedback to PSA Organiser Michael Parson at .

The PSA will be holding a lunchtime Teams meeting with affected members:

Date  Wednesday 17 August, at 12:30pm.
Location Teams Click here to join the meeting

The PSA encourages members to share the meeting invitation with non-members to get a clear understanding the impact of the restructure will have on affected staff.

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