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Disability update: What is Paid Special Sick Leave and Why is it so important?

Disability update – What is Paid Special Sick Leave and Why is it so important – November 2017 (PDF version)

Members will recall that on 30 August 2017 your union, the PSA/CPSU NSW, had an outstanding win in the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW (IRC) to protect your employment conditions post-privatisation.

In short, the PSA won these conditions:

  • Salary increase of 2.5 per cent from 1 July 2017 (which should have been paid as from 5 October 2017)
  • Rostering principles
  • Paid Special Sick Leave.

Members have requested further detail about the IRC orders relating to Paid Special Sick Leave.

What this means

The IRC agreed with the PSA/CPSU NSW submissions and ordered the Community Living Award and the Residential Centres Award should be varied by inserting a clause for Paid Special Sick Leave.

This means that member’s existing entitlement to ‘Paid Special Sick Leave’ under the Personnel Handbook is now protected and members who meet certain criteria can continue to access up to 150 days of paid special sick leave if they have exhausted all sick leave entitlement.

Why this is so important

Paid Special Sick Leave is an important entitlement for long-term employees.

It can support you in a time of need and contribute to your continuing employment. Union-won entitlements such as this ensure you do not have to choose between the health and wellbeing of yourself or loved ones and your employment.

The Paid Special Sick Leave clause says:

Paid Special Sick Leave

  1. Paid special sick leave shall be granted by the Department if an employee satisfies the following criteria:

i) Has ten or more years of service

ii) Has been or will be absent for a period of at least three months, and

iii) Has exhausted or will exhaust, all sick leave entitlements.

  1. Paid sick leave will be granted in accordance with the following table:
Completed years of service Number of working days
5 day week 6 day week 7 day week
10 22 26 30
20 44 52 60
30 66 78 90
40 88 104 120
50 110 150 150


We will continue to be your union and to fight for your rights and entitlements.

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