Baird steps down leaving “for sale” sign on NSW - Public Service Association

Baird steps down leaving “for sale” sign on NSW

Mike Baird turned NSW into the “For Sale State” and his decision to step down as Premier is akin to an auctioneer walking out during a failing auction said the Public Service Association (PSA).

“Mike Baird’s mass campaign of public service privatisation has been a hallmark of his reign yet he has stepped down in the middle of the deeply flawed process leaving the lives of millions hanging in the balance,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“The privatisation of the Land Titles Registry has been universally condemned and will impact dramatically upon the entire ecomony yet Mr Baird prided himself on his  Government’s alleged fiscal credentials.”

“The sell off of Disability Services has already thrown countless workers and clients into free fall. What will the future now hold for them?”

“Similarly, Housing, Prisons and Community Services”.

“Mike Baird will go down in history as the “Out of Touch Premier” who thought lock out laws were more important than quality services for people with disability, land owners in NSW and child protection,” said Stewart Little.

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