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iCare: November JCC update

On Wednesday 15 November, your PSA Industrial Officer and elected delegates met with management representatives as part of ongoing consultation (Joint Consultative Committee, JCC) at iCare. Constructive conversations demonstrate the ongoing value of JCCs in providing delegates the opportunity to talk through members’ concerns with management. Timesheets Subject matter experts from Payroll attended the JCC to get a better understanding of the timesheet issues raised…

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Investment NSW – Restructure Update

The Investment NSW Change Management Plan is progressing as per the proposed timeline with the Expression of Interest process having concluded and staff being advised of the outcomes on Monday 20 November. For those staff who were not successful you will have now received a letter which allows for an option of accepting either voluntary redundancy or redeployment as per the 2011 Managing Excess Employees…

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Land and Housing Corporation – Urgent Member Meeting

Thank you to those members who were able to attend the PSA meeting on Monday 20th November for all staff affected by the Portfolio Management - Workforce Transition Strategy. The forum supported members to raise questions and concerns on the proposed reform with PSA Industrial Officer Shane Howes. PSA Delegates and representatives of the Working Group were also available to clarify processes for members. Despite…

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Corrective Services Rememberance Day

On this Friday, November 24, we gather to remember and honor our colleagues in Corrective Services who have tragically fallen while selflessly serving our community. This day holds deep significance as we commemorate the Correctional Officers and supporting staff who navigate one of the most challenging and perilous workplaces within our community. Every Correctional Officer deserves the assurance that they can go to work each…

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The Nominations for the SafeWork PSA Subcommittee Close TODAY – have you nominated?

The nominations for the SafeWork PSA Subcommittee close today at 4pm. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE  The committee will be constituted to deal specifically with matters arising from the BRD 2.0 restructure and the McDougall report recommendations with the support of your Organiser and Industrial Officer. Members are encouraged to read the full BULLETIN outlining why we are constituting the sub-committee of members. Members can support…

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