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Corrective Services Rememberance Day

On this Friday, November 24, we gather to remember and honor our colleagues in Corrective Services who have tragically fallen while selflessly serving our community. This day holds deep significance as we commemorate the Correctional Officers and supporting staff who navigate one of the most challenging and perilous workplaces within our community. Every Correctional Officer deserves the assurance that they can go to work each…

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The Nominations for the SafeWork PSA Subcommittee Close TODAY – have you nominated?

The nominations for the SafeWork PSA Subcommittee close today at 4pm. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE  The committee will be constituted to deal specifically with matters arising from the BRD 2.0 restructure and the McDougall report recommendations with the support of your Organiser and Industrial Officer. Members are encouraged to read the full BULLETIN outlining why we are constituting the sub-committee of members. Members can support…

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The National Parks Vocational Branch AGM Update

The National Parks Vocational Branch (NPVB) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 14 November to discuss a range of issues including: Change in Government The meeting observed that there had been some wins with the change in Government including with the control of wild horses in Kosciusko National Park (and the introduction of aerial culling). The PSA will be chasing up on the…

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Rural Fire Service Joint Consultative Committee

On Tuesday, October 31, the PSA held the regular Departmental Committee (DC) meeting with your NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) delegates. You can read a report back from that meeting HERE Following this, your PSA representatives engaged in discussions addressing critical matters affecting RFS members. The following provides an update following the recent Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting held on November 8, 2023. Health &…

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NSW Police – Instructions on your rights: Christmas Closedown 2023

The Christmas Closedown As Christmas approaches, many staff will begin to receive encouragement from managers or supervisors in relation to the Christmas closedown. The Christmas closedown period for this year in NSW Police will be from Monday, 25 December 2013 to Friday 5 January 2024 inclusive. The Public Service Holiday has been designated for Friday, 29 December 2023. Can I work during the closedown period?…

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