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POVB Increment Deferment Dispute Update

The POVB dispute regarding Members increments being deferred incorrectly by managers was finalised yesterday in the IRC before Commissioner McDonald. This matter had been ongoing in the IRC since the 14 August 2023. CSNSW acknowledged in many instances Managers have deferred increments incorrectly, and that payroll and CSNSW need to improve their systems to properly determine increments in line with the Award. It was also…

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MEMBER UPDATE: PSA Wins School Psychologists’ Pay rise

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS PAY RISE and RECOGNITION The PSA is pleased to announce that all classifications employed under the Crown Employees (School Psychologists – Department of Education) Salaries Award 2022 (SP Salaries Award) will receive a substantial pay increase, in this week’s pay packet, together with back pay from 13 October 2023. Your pay rise has been achieved by the PSA’s concerted efforts over many months,…

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Learn and live: Free cancer webinar for PSA CPSU NSW members

All members are invited to attend a webinar on ovarian cancer on Wednesday 21 February 2024. This online event is dedicated to raising awareness about ovarian cancer, its symptoms, the crucial importance of early detection, and the support available for those affected by this challenging disease. The webinar is presented by PSA CPSU NSW partner Osara Health, which provides support for members and their immediate…

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PSA/CPSU NSW Retired Associates Meeting

This will be our first meeting for 2024.  Please join us for an update from the PSA Executive about current priorities and challenges ahead.  Simone Scalmer, PSA Women’s Officer will be our guest speaker.  We will be also discussing outstanding matters from last year which include mental health, transition to retirement and volunteering. AGENDA ·         Acknowledgement of Country ·         Attendance/Apologies/New members ·         Confirmation of minutes…

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Fire and Rescue NSW - PSA will continue to take a collaborative approach to change

Where organisations are undertaking a period of challenge, change and opportunity, research continues to demonstrate that providing notice and information while adopting a collaborative approach to change will ensure the smoothest transition and minimal disruption. It is therefore disappointing that Fire and Rescue NSW have directed non-station based staff to return to the workplace for a minimum of three days per week without inviting consultation…

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