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Community Services Bulletin – PSA Advice re E-Learning

Members will be aware of the E-Learning modules which have been rolled out to FaCS employees to train staff on important policies being implemented in all FaCS agencies.

On 28 May 2014 the Community Services Departmental Committee (DC) delegates met to discuss this implementation, the policies and the e-learning modules. The main focus of the discussion was around the failure of FaCS to have meaningful and proper consultation with the PSA prior to the implementation. FaCS has written to the PSA acknowledging that they have not in all circumstances been able to consult to the extent [they] might otherwise have preferred.

The PSA has raised concerns with management about their requirement to consult, and the effects of the ambiguous information provided to members about their responsibilities through the e-learning modules.

As a result a motion was passed unanimously by DC delegates in relation to the E-Learning modules for:

  1. Information Security
  2. Code of Ethical Conduct
  3. Delegations Training

These three policies carry serious implications for your work and job security.

To ensure you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities the PSA advises members not to complete or undertake this training until FaCS has undertaken meaningful and proper consultation with the PSA.

For those members who have already completed this training, please be assured that the PSA will protect members from any adverse consequences resulting from this. The training has not been sufficient for members to fully understand the consequences associated with these policies.

The PSA will be meeting with FaCS management to ensure full consultation is undertaken and will report back to members on the progress of negotiations.

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Departmental Committee Motion
Pending proper and meaningful consultation with the PSA in relation to the content, usage and delivery method of:
1. Information Security;
2. Code of Ethical Conduct; and
3. Delegations training
Members are advised not to complete the e-learning or sign acknowledgement of understanding.

Community Services Bulletin E-Learning June 2014 (PDF Version)

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