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Corrective Services Brush Farm Academy bulletin

Corrective Services Brush Farm Academy Bulletin 2014 (PDF version)

Recommendations following the review

The PSA attended Brush Farm Academy on Thursday, 28 August 2014 in which the Commissioner for Corrective Services announced the recommendations following the review that commenced in December 2013.

As outlined by Commissioner Severin, Brush Farm Academy plays a vital role in ensuring that Corrective Services staff are well trained and have the right learning however, in order to improve the effectiveness of the Academy the review identified the need for change which includes:

  • improve current reporting lines and address shadow structures
  • reduce duplication in activities and functions within the units and across the Academy
  • promote efficiencies, clear reporting in a flatter structure
  • and the current structure does not reflect the objectives of the Government Sector Employment Act.

What they failed to address

What failed to be addressed by Corrective Services as raised by members during the meeting included:

  • what has been the delay in advising staff of the review findings
  • why the urgency to implement with the proposed timetable set to commence from Mid October 2014
  • why are the role descriptions not developed and why will they not be available until 31 October 2014.

As advised the current staff structure of Brush Farm Academy stands at 91.5 positions however, currently the Academy only operates with a total of 68 staff with 23.5 positions either vacant or unfunded.

Corrective Services have proposed that in order for frontline staff to have the highest learnings and development opportunities, Brush Farm Academy can deliver this with a staff establishment of 53.

Members, in order to challenge the new direction Corrective Services claim will create a more efficient, economical and effective delivery of learning, need to:

  • demand a more realistic time to consult and review the proposal;
  • demand to know how a loss of 15positions will deliver a more effective training for the staff of Corrective Services; and
  • how can 53 staff be leaders in Community safety and create greater confidence in the Justice System.

Members, we ask you through your Workplace Delegate Toni Kennedy,
and Departmental Committee Delegate Kylie McKelvie to have your say as your input is critical in shaping the recommendations for Brush Farm.

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