ECEC Industrial Bulletin - July 2014 - Public Service Association

ECEC Industrial Bulletin – July 2014

ECEC Advisory Group

The PSA Early Childhood Education and Care Advisory Group is a group of elected PSA members who regularly meet throughout the year with ECEC management to raise and address issues.

ECEC Advisory Group Meeting

The last ECEC AG meeting with management was on 18 June 2014.

The following matters were raised:

  • Re-engagement of temporary employees with regard to the Government Sector Employment Act (GSE) with reference to employment beyond ‘4 years’ was discussed.
  • It was confirmed that confirmation letters for temporary employees until 23.2.15 had been sent.
  • ECEC was allocated $306 million in the budget for grants primarily for funding of Children’s Services.
  • PSA raised concerns that positions are still not being filled or backfilled and budget has not been properly allocated.
  • There is still no update or any details to release as to when the proposed staff-realignment will occur.
  • Some discussions have taken place as to a possible reconfiguration of the regions but the overall budget needs to be constructed first by the Director of Partnerships and Programs.
  • Concerns from staff involved in the EOI for 1st tier reviews and resulting workloads.

Management report back notes

  • An overall improvement of processes.
  • 24,000 supervisor applications processed.
  • Elements in assessment and rating being streamlined. Not being enacted on in NSW as still waiting on the outcomes and training must be implemented.
  • Not going to meet A+R targets set down. (Commonwealth has been informed)
  • Leading the work nationally to reform the A+R around systemising visits etc.
  • There has been a break through on templates and details streamlining review of templates.
  • This should help defend against being accused of just having ‘own opinion’.
  • Streamlining makes it more challenging to provide evidence not implemented.
  • New tool will be rolled out.
  • Comes into effect formally from 1 June 2014

Would you like to have your say and join the Advisory Group?

Elections for the Advisory Group will be called for shortly. This is your opportunity to raise some of those issues that have been of concern with members and staff in your area.

ECEC Industrial Bulletin – July 2014 (PDF version)



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