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EPA Executive restructure update

EPA Executive restructure - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA met with the EPA Management on 12 February 2020, following our appearance in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on 6 February. In the IRC it was agreed the PSA would receive the following.

  1. Change Management Plan.
  2. Boundary maps with dotted lines or otherwise.
  3. Areas of responsibilities for operational directors in both regional and metropolitan areas.

At the meeting the PSA was provided with a copy of the Executive Structure Change Management Plan.

However, the EPA did not provide the PSA with a Non-Executive Change Management Plan or boundary map/s. The EPA stated they had been withdrawn and were not being used.

The EPA also failed to provide the PSA with areas of responsibility for Operational Directors in both Regional Metropolitan areas, informing the PSA: “don’t know what they are yet”.

During the meeting, the PSA also raised concerns some Directors had been informing staff of the new reporting lines. The PSA requested a communication to go out to those Directors informing them the status quo remains until such time as advised otherwise.

The PSA and the EPA attended at a Report Back in the IRC on 14 February 2020. The PSA advised the IRC the EPA had provided a Change Management Plan for the Executive Structure, but did not provide a Change Management Plan the Non-Executive Structures.

The PSA also informed the IRC a Change Management Plan for Non-Executives was essential as there are implications throughout the organisation for Non-Executive staff.

The EPA gave a commitment to provide the PSA with the Change Management Plan for Non-Executive staff, boundary maps and areas of responsibility for Operational Directors in both Regional and Metropolitan areas.

The IRC was informed that the EPA Executive were meeting on 17 February 2020 to discuss the re-alignment and would meet with the PSA thereafter.

The IRC Commissioner stood the matter over for four weeks, with the liberty to each party, to have the matter re-listed at short notice. The PSA will seek orders if the above documents are not provided.

The EPA and the IRC were informed PSA Organiser Harry Wall, is to undertake a Roadshow attending EPA offices throughout the State of New South Wales, to talk to members regarding the implications the restructure will have on them and the PSA would provide feedback to the EPA.

There is a further meeting scheduled between the PSA and the EPA on Thursday 27 February 2020.

David Bell Newcastle

Jane Burgett Goulburn Street

Judith Greenwood Goulburn Street

Michael Sinclair PSA industrial Officer

Harry Wall PSA Organiser

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