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EPA Realignment

EPA Realignment - March 2020 (pdf version)

The PSA and the EPA met on 27 February 2020. The PSA was hopeful a Change Management Plan would be provided for the non-executive structure, area maps and directors responsibilities, however those documents were not forthcoming.

Based on the lack of information provided to the PSA, a dispute was relisted in the Industrial Relations Commission for an urgent hearing. The matter was before the Commission on 4 March. During proceedings, the PSA sought orders against the EPA.

The Commission issued the following orders:

  1. The respondent produce a Change Management Plan in respect of the non-executive employees as soon as practicable.
  2. The parties be granted liberty to apply to have the matter relisted.

The PSA met the EPA Monday 9 March, where the PSA received the Non-Executive Existing & New Branch Role Count, however the PSA was advised a Change Management Plan would be provided Tuesday 10 March. (See Change Management Plan HERE.)

The PSA understands staff have been provided with the same information that was provided to the PSA at the meeting on 9 March. Staff feedback is due on 13 March.

However, the PSA sought an extension on consultation with the EPA, with a meeting now scheduled for 18 March and PSA’s feedback due COB Monday 16 March.

The PSA requests members to provide any feedback to PSA delegate David Bell at

The PSA will then provide a response to the Change Management Plan, with a further members meeting scheduled for 17 March.

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