General Assistants – update on use of third party software in schools

General Assistants – update on use of third party software in schools – April 2019 (PDF version)

Members will be aware of the previous Bulletin (found HERE) on the use of third party software in schools.

Some schools received emails about changed practices for lodging maintenance requests.

The union wrote to the Department of Education (DoE) on this matter. In response, the DoE advises:

“Please note that both broadcasts were sent in error, and have since been retracted.

I can confirm that there have been no changes to the reporting procedures of maintenance issues in schools. Schools retain the option of calling their Facilities Management Contractor (FMC) to log maintenance requests directly, and the FMC will then log the call on FMWeb.

This means that schools will not be required to complete or submit the manual Callout Advice Form (CAF) when calling their FMC to arrange maintenance callouts. Schools can also log maintenance issues via FMWeb software, and via text message (SMS).

While the use of facsimile is no longer available as an option for schools to log a maintenance call, the impact to schools will be minimal.”

Despite the undertakings made by the DoE, the General Secretary reminds GA members of the long-standing work ban on the use of third party software (such as FMWeb and Sentral) in schools.

If your role supervisor directs you to use FMWeb, please advise them of the work bans. If you observe the work ban on using third party software and need support, contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

United we bargain, divided we beg!

Anthony Wright
Schools Industrial Officer


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