Land and Property data sale must be referred to ICAC - Public Service Association

Land and Property data sale must be referred to ICAC

Land and Property stop work – 30 June 2016 (PDF version)

PSA media release

The proposed sale of the Titling and Registry wing of the Land and Property Information Service (LPI) must be referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) says the Public Service Association (PSA).

The union’s demand follows revelations electronic conveyancing will soon be mandatory for all future property transactions through PEXA (Property Exchange Australia Ltd) where the NSW Government and the four major banks are among the key stakeholders.

LPI is a Government business enterprise within the Department of Finance Services and Innovation.

The Titling and Registry component – which generates up to $70 million annually for NSW – is to be fully privatised.

Workers at LPI will again stop work on Thursday 30 June and rally at the front of the LPI Building at Queen’s Square, Sydney at 12pm to further their protest against the sale of the critical service and its sensitive property data.

The workers’ action will take place on the busiest day of the year for LPI as it is the last opportunity to lodge mortgage registrations or discharges under the 2015/16 year fee schedule.

“When the ICAC’s funding was cut in the budget, the PSA warned that the Commission would have reduced capacity to scrutinise Government and its mass privatisation of public services,” said Acting PSA General Secretary, Steve Turner.

“The channelling of electronic conveyancing into a company in which the Baird Government has an interest is a glowing example of our concerns and comes just weeks after the budget cuts.”

“As far as the sale of the Titling and Registry wing of LPI is concerned, the PSA has again not seen a business case or cost benefit analysis that explains why such a well run and profitable Government service should be privatised.”

“In fact, the details of the scoping study have not been released on the basis it is a confidential cabinet document.”

“This Government continually seems to have something to hide.”

Steve Turner said apart from the impact on jobs and job security there is also the critical issue of personal data security once the Titling and Registry Services unit is no longer operated by the Government.

“How can the Government control the use of sensitive Land Ownership Records once that data is in the control of a private operator?

“Land Titles records underpin the security of the financial system of the state of NSW.”

“Surely the security of that information should be paramount and remain in the hands of the Government not the private sector,” said Steve Turner.


Thursday 30 June at 12pm
Front of the LPI Building at Queen’s Square, Sydney

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