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Landcom update

Landcom update – March 2018 (PDF version)

As flagged in our last update, the PSA met with Landcom on 22 March regarding issues in the consultation process so far.

The PSA repeated its request that the timeframe for consultation be extended to 3 April, to allow staff affected by the change to properly consider the change proposal and explore ways of contributing to the process.

Landcom assured the PSA the change management plan was still in consultation, and there is the ability to make changes. It is important, however, to note that for changes to be made, Landcom must be aware of what the issues are.

The PSA understands a number of staff have already made submissions regarding the change plan.  We also understand a number of members feel hesitant to provide feedback for fear of being targeted. The PSA urges members to provide us with issues so that we may make these submissions on their behalf. Feedback can be provided to Senior Industrial Officer Kerrie Butson via email .
One such matter that members have reported is confusion over payments made as a result of a termination of a contract and whether they would need to be paid back if seeking re-employment in the Government Sector. The PSA raised this issue, and Landcom assured us it was only interested in providing the best outcome for staff as allowable by legislation and policy.

How any payments are treated is reliant upon your individual employment circumstances, such as if you are a permanent employee, or have an individual employment agreement. However, the PSA can confirm that any payment in lieu of notice made by Landcom is not required to be paid back if seeking re-employment in the Government Sector.

In addition, Landcom has informed the PSA that the exit date of individuals will be considered on a case-by-case basis and is not a generic “one date fits all” approach.

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