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Member Update re RJCC and COVID-19

Member Update re RJCC and COVID-19 - March 2020 (pdf version)

The PSA, along with local delegates, attended the regular Restructure/Realignment Joint Consultative Committee (RJCC) on 24 March 2020.

In response to the current COVID-19 situation the Department has informed the PSA that it is placing a ‘go slow’ on all current Restructure Management Plans (RMPs), specifically this means that any RMP that was to declare staff excess will not for the moment proceed. The PSA has been calling for the halt of restructures across all Departments and is pleased the Department of Customer Service has implemented this sensible “go slow”.

Realignments will continue to progress where they can but it is also expected that delays will occur due to the current circumstances.

They have also said that further information in relation to the go slow and RMPs will be coming in the next few days.

Those staff who have already been declared excess and are being managed as per the Managing Excess Employees Policy will continue to do so.  If you have concerns about where you stand in relation to this, please wait until the information is released by the Department in the next couple of days and then contact your union for further advice if required.

In relation to the Customer Engagement Integration, the PSA has notified the Department of a dispute and was to have a meeting which has been deferred due to the need to address COVID-19. Your union expects to resume discussions with the Department shortly, but for the moment as this is a major RMP will expect that progress will be significantly delayed.

The next RJCC is scheduled for Thursday 2 April 2020, at the moment the PSA is conducting all meetings with the Department via skype/teleconference.

Premiers Circular regarding COVID-19

Many members across DCS are currently working from home without issue.  There has been instances however of mixed messaging when it comes to your entitlements regarding work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please ensure you are familiar with the provisions in the Premiers Circular C2020-01 employment Arrangements during COVID-19 HERE

In this rapidly changing situation of possible shutdowns and school closures, it is important to keep in mind the following extract:

Workplace is closed?

Where the workplace is closed, flexible work arrangements should be considered either at home or from another office location. Where work is unable to be provided to employees, they are to be paid as normal and are placed on paid special leave.

Unable to work?

Up to 20 days’ paid special leave will be provided, before other leave entitlements need to be accessed, to employees who are unable to work because they are:

  • caring for sick family members;
  • caring for family members due to closure of schools and caring facilities; or
  • unable to attend work due to transport disruptions.

After the 20 days of special leave has been used, employees may access accrued leave entitlements (i.e. sick leave, annual leave, family and community services and extended/long service leave)

Working from Home

The PSA understands that the rapid acceleration of working from home has created some difficulties in ensuring staff have the tools to accommodate that.

Lithgow Revenue NSW PSA delegates have been working closely with Management to bring forward the rollout of laptops across Lithgow, moving 26 laptops from Gosford to Lithgow quicker than originally planned.

Kudos to local staff for going above and beyond at short notice to help make the deployments happen ASAP!

This is very important in light of COVID-19, ensuring that Revenue NSW in Lithgow continues working for the People of NSW


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