Merry Christmas to SAS Staff - Public Service Association

Merry Christmas to SAS Staff

Merry Christmas to SAS Staff – December 2018 (PDF version)

Annual Leave Loading

Most members have now received their Annual Leave Loading but there have been a small number of people who have been underpaid. In some cases members received less than $70 before tax.

If you have not been paid correctly, ensure that you contact EdConnect and advise them it is an issue about your leave loading. You will be directed to a team that manages this issue and get an Incident Number

Provide the details and Incident Number to the PSA via with the Subject Line Annual Leave Loading for SAS Staff.

Ban on mobile phones in schools

The NSW Government announced recently mobile phones will be banned in primary schools from next year and high schools will be able to choose to opt into the ban or decide to what extent mobile phones will be able to be used.

Your PSA Delegates and staff raised this issue at our most recent Joint Consultative Committee meeting with the department. We will be seeking advice about how the ban and restrictions will be implemented and seek an assurance that this will not be an additional burden the department tries to place on SAS Staff.

School Biz – Message from the Secretary

Although the Secretary has acknowledged the contribution of SAS Staff, we call on the Secretary to recognise the reality of the situation in terms of the ever-increasing administrative burden being shouldered by SAS staff. SAS Staff have seen an enormous increase in their workload, rather than a reduction in that burden.


Delegates and staff are concerned about the Department’s continued failure to consult or consult properly about issues of concern to SAS Staff and we will be asking the department to improve their systems to ensure the PSA is properly consulted to ensure that SAS Staff concerns and proposals are taken into account.

Recent meeting with the Department

Below are some of the issues that have been taken up by PSA Delegates and staff at the last meeting with the department;

  • SAP HR payroll and the ongoing PSA concerns re WBS/IO.
  • ATSO v school based staff responsibilities
  • Community use of school facilities
  • The status of the SRG/Transition Arrangements
  • Electronic Inductions
  • Requests for part-time employment
  • Annual leave loading, PSA confirmed agreement in principal to changes to ensure payment prior to Christmas will be locked in for future years
  • Pilot of school shift
  • Changes initiated by the Department without consultation with PSA; Cash management in schools – introduce risk tolerances; project SWIFT;
  • Online enrolment project; Prescribed medications policy change – asthma change and emergency care updates; and SALM attendance integration.

Christmas school vacation break

The PSA General Secretary, Delegates and Staff would like to congratulate you on the work you have done this year, sometimes in difficult circumstances.

Schools Need Us has never been more relevant, through your professionalism, skill and dedication you have contributed a great deal to the benefit of your students, colleagues and school communities.

Have a great holiday – you’ve earned it.

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