Non-Custodial Statewide Workplace Elections – It’s time to stand together, It’s time for change! - Public Service Association

Non-Custodial Statewide Workplace Elections – It’s time to stand together, It’s time for change!

Non-Custodial Statewide Workplace Elections – January 2019 (pdf version)

Your Non-Custodial Departmental Committee (NCDC) wants to continue to improve the representation of Non-Custodial members across the state. Non-Custodial Members are those CSNSW employees across the state, other than Custodial Officers or those employed under the Community Corrections division.

We are actively seeking meetings with CSNSW to resolve the many issues that were raised in our most recent surveys. It is clear Non-Custodial staff feel undervalued, underappreciated and not afforded the same level of respect as other disciplines within CSNSW. This needs to change.

By coming together, getting organised at a centre-based level and amongst our Non-Custodial workplaces we will be able to strengthen our ability to implement change across all levels of our organisation.

Non-Custodial need to have an active voice. Benchmarking has changed the consultation arrangements within correctional centres and we need a seat at the table. Likewise, we need to know what’s happening with our members at large workplaces such as Brush Farm Academy, Henry Deane Building and other areas with standalone business units or functions to ensure they are supported.

Stat wide elections will not only increase our ability to address and resolve issues holistically, it will enable your NCDC to communicate more effectively with your worksite and improve representation of all Non-Custodial Members.

We have seen the benefits of standing in unity as a workplace group. Bathurst Correctional Centre Non-Custodial Workplace Group stood their ground and demanded resolution to the ongoing issue of Award Travel entitlements. They held a stop work meeting and demanded action in the IRC and they WON!!! This act of unity has achieved positive outcomes for all members.

When we stand united, we can achieve great things. It is our time to ensure every Non-Custodial Member has a voice and representation. In Unity and Strength we can achieve positive outcomes our members.

To become a Workplace Delegate – please nominate HERE. Nominations close at 5pm on 11 February 2019.

As a workplace delegate you will have access to PSA Training and continual support from not only PSA Staff but your Non-Custodial Departmental Committee.

Need more information?

Please contact our NCDC Executive:

Kylie McKelvie –

Vice Chair – David Gould

Secretary- Scott Chapman

Assistant Secretary – Julie Luckett

Organiser – Martin Robinson

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