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NPWS Bulletin – August Update

On 9 August the National Parks Vocational Branch met to discuss a range of issues. Some of these issues included:

NPWS Housing

After significant and ongoing advocacy by the PSA some houses at Waste Point in KNP have been made available for tenancy by staff. This is a great win for PSA members and enables staff in need of accomodation to apply for occupancy of the houses available.

The PSA is also attempting to meet with managers in Royal National Park to resolve similar issues of availability of NPWS houses and flats for staff accomodation in the park

Women’s issues

Amongst a plethora of surveys undertaken by DPE and NPWS recently NPWS did a survey of female employees to determine their career aspirations and future direction in the Service. There have been numerous complaints from members in respect of feedback from this and other surveys undertaken. A roaring silence continues to exist from Senior Managers in respect of feedback.

A vacancy existing on the Woman’s Council of the PSA has been filled by PSA NPWS delegate Naomi Goosen after endorsement by two female delegates of the NPVB.

Law enforcement training

A report on law enforcement in the NPWS has identified that no Executive Officer has responsibility for law enforcement in their Role Description. This report is yet to be made available to staff. The report also identified that law enforcement training should be provided for Area Managers and Team Leader Rangers.

New Uniform issue

The roll out of the new uniform issue has been delayed until October. Uniform already issued has been recalled. There may not be adequate supplies of uniform for distribution until later in the year.

Radio working group

A new working group has been established to assist with the upgrade and integration of the NPWS radio system (possibly into the GRN network). PSA NPWS delegate Danny Corcoran has nominated to be on the committee.

Restacking of 4PSQ

DPE has relinquished four floors of 4PSQ. Hence BCD; Science and NPWS are to be relocated to levels 13 and 14 of the building. Amongst other arrangements this will require the sharing of lockers. Only staff working a 5 day week in the office will be entitled to have their own locker. Others will have to share a locker. Further to this moves are apparently afoot to relocate 300 staff back into an office in the CBD.

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