NSW Govt must reverse 1,000 education job cuts as Gonski funds flow - Public Service Association

NSW Govt must reverse 1,000 education job cuts as Gonski funds flow


23 April 2013

NSW Govt must reverse 1,000 education job cuts as Gonski funds flow

The NSW Government must immediately reverse harsh job cuts in schools and education support as it secures funding under the Gonski National Education Reform Agreement, the Public Service Association said today.

“We’re thrilled that NSW schools will receive more funding under the agreement, but we won’t see real improvements in schools if we continue cutting jobs of the staff who support education,” said PSA President Sue Walsh.

“The NSW Government is in the process of cutting 1,000 jobs from school education.

“This includes 600 from Department of Education state and regional offices providing curriculum support and professional learning for teachers.

“And up to 400 are being cut from inside the school gates – these jobs deliver direct support to students, teachers and parents on the ground in schools.

“Every parent of a child who needs additional learning support in schools understands the impact on their child’s education when those resources are cut.

“The deal with the Federal Government to secure additional funds for NSW schools is a great opportunity for the NSW Government to reverse the harsh job cuts from school education.

“Money alone won’t give our kids a better education, we need the staff on the ground to support students, teachers and school communities.”

The NSW Government must not fund its additional commitment to education under the reform agreement by further slashing public services, said Ms Walsh.

“The people of NSW shouldn’t have to lose other important public services and vocational educational to be assured of a quality education for their children,” she said.  “It’s time the O’Farrell Government started to recognise the real value of public services in NSW.”

Contact: Sue Walsh 0419 691 103 / Maria Cirillo 0407 060 960/ Jane Garcia 0434 489 533 

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