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NSW renames roads while cutting road safety, education and health

The NSW Public Service Association has questioned the O’Farrell Government’s priorities after announcing $20 million on renaming roads. This follows cutting road safety, education and health.

“Where are the government’s priorities? It’s hard to see how this is a top priority while the government is slashing jobs and services,” said NSW PSA Assistant Secretary Steve Turner.

“Just two months ago the NSW Government cut jobs at the Centre for Road Safety, which is responsible for policy and education campaigns aimed at saving the lives of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in NSW.”

The NSW Government insists it has to slash funding to schools and health to improve the budget bottom line, putting thousands of people out of work and diminishing essential services, said Mr Turner.

“The Government is also failing to make real improvements to road and public transport.

“This announcement doesn’t help people get to work faster, doesn’t make roads safer or make the NSW economy work better.

“Let’s boost safety, let’s invest in our schools and hospitals, let’s keep people in work – only then should we be worrying about spending tens of millions of dollars on renaming roads.”

Contact: Steve Turner 0418 675 564 / Jackie Woods 0414 241 483

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