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Prison Bed Capacity Adjustment Program

PBCAP - July 2020 (PDF version)

As you are aware, there was a meeting called on Monday, 20 July at HDB to announce the impact of the Prison Bed Capacity Adjustment Program (PBCAP). In attendance were your COVB State Executive and COVB delegates from Long Bay, Dawn de Loas, Mary Wade and Silverwater Women’s.

What was identified under PBCAP is there will be further impacts to the ranks of the COVB. Again, this includes the roles of SAS and AS.

Members, you would be aware CSNSW was onsite yesterday to announce the proposed impacts. However, what has been raised by yourselves and the COVB State Executive is the lack of information given to you.

CSNSW has said it wants to retain as many staff as possible. But members have raised the questions such as is how and where can we be relocated to?

The COVB State Executive will be holding a teleconference on Thursday, 23 July at 11:15am. We would encourage delegates and members to join the teleconference:

Dial 1300 153 643
Enter PIN 306696

There’s never been a more important time to be a union member. Make sure your colleagues are protected as well – if they are not already members they should JOIN THE PSA TODAY!

Industrial Manager
Julie-Ann Bond

Latu Sailosi

COVB State Executive

Darren Wells Chair

Mark Christensen Vice Chair

Dave Fryer Secretary

Greg Iversen Executive

Mark Plunkett Executive

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