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PSA and CPSU Elections

PSA and CPSU elections 2016 (PDF version)

You are reminded there are two union elections this year which all members are entitled to vote in.

These two separate elections occur every four years and the outcome determines the leadership of the Union for the next four years. Ballot papers for the State Public Services Federation (SPSF) branch of the CPSU election will be sent to members this week from the AEC to their home address. All members of the PSA are automatically a member of the SPSF branch of the CPSU and therefore entitled to vote. The PSA election will be held later this year.

This joint membership and structure is becoming increasingly important, as it allows the PSA to cover members if they are moved from State coverage to Federal Fair Work coverage. This happened to members in TAFE who, with the stroke of a pen, were moved from being employees covered by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to only being covered by the Federal Fair Work system.

When you receive ballot papers this week you will also receive candidate information. In the SPSF(CPSU) election all positions are being contested except for the Branch Secretary position where there was only one nominee and that nominee will be elected unopposed.


Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

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