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PSA concerned about FACS inability to answer questions on CST transfers

PSA concerned about FACS inability to answer questions on CST transfers – April 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA is disappointed at the lack of information and clarity on many of the questions that CSTs asked us to put to the Department of Family and Community Services despite the apparent haste to transfer staff.

They seem happy to defer to the private provider on most things despite all staff still being employed by FACS.

FACS CST staff have contacted the PSA to express dismay at the Department’s apparent u-turn on private employment.

After strong encouragement from the Department, many staff began private employment.

Those staff are now fearful they will be left out of pocket and forced to choose between new private practices and their employment with the agency.

Members are encouraged to contact Thane Pearce, Senior Industrial Officer, for advice in relation to secondary employment matters ().

In a meeting held earlier this week, senior FACS representatives advised the PSA that the Department would be reviewing all current and approved secondary employment arrangements with the Benevolent Society to ensure existing arrangements do not breach the agency’s conflict of interest policy.

The PSA queried the role of the Benevolent Society in determining conflict of interest issues, and expressed the view that the only potential conflict arose in relation to the commercial interests of the Benevolent Society and not in terms of public interest.

We argued that it was not appropriate for an unrelated third party to determine the application of departmental policy and in any event, the commercial interests of the Benevolent Society had nothing to do with the Department’s conflict of interest policy.

The Department has agreed to meet with the PSA again after reviewing staff submissions and before any decision is made in regarding changes to secondary employment arrangements.

In other news, under pressure from the union, FACS has agreed:

  • Certificates of service will have the role the employee is currently in (not “Admin” as originally was given)
  • Transfer payments for staff that are full-time at the date of transfer will receive a full payment. LWOP will not trigger a pro-rata arrangement unless you are part-time. More information on the method of calculation method for part-time staff will be provided.

Click HERE for detailed notes from the meeting should you like more detail.

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