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PSA encourages real-time complaints on high workload incidents in Police Radio

PSA encourages real-time complaints on high workload incidents in Police Radio – December 2018 (PDF version)

ROG staff have been forced to stay silent while management pursues cost-cutting strategies which put your health at risk. Under a program of matching staffing to measured airtime, staff have been forced into ever more frequent merging of channels and working one-out.

Previous attempts to confront these issues have been unsuccessful because management hides the reality of periods of excessive work behind statistics based on average staffing and workloads.

These issues have been discussed at length at Joint Communications Consultative Committee (JCCC) meetings for some time with no progress. At the most recent JCCC meeting with the new Commander, however, it was proposed that the PSA should raise concerns locally in the first instance.

PSA representatives in VKG have decided to initiate a campaign of lodging complaints directly to Centre Management where staff are placed under excessive pressure. We have developed a set of principles around baseline service delivery and workload management.

  • Channels should not be merged when the resulting merged channel will be too busy.
  • Alpha should only be worked as a last resort and only for a reasonable length of time.
  • Only a limited number of alpha channels at any one time in a Centre.
  • There should be sufficient channels operating at any particular time state-wide to cover potential fluctuations in workload.

The PSA is well aware these principles are breached on a regular basis. Where this happens, members are strongly encouraged to complain formally to the Centre Commander and send a copy to the PSA.

This should be completed by filling out the template found HERE and attaching it to an email, or by simply copying and pasting this template into an email.

By collectivising these individual complaints, we will be able to build up a strong picture over time of how frequent and severe major concerns occur and how they are managed.

Fill out as much information as you can and then send it as soon as practical to your Centre Commander. Encourage all your colleagues to do the same whenever major issues arise.

Please copy all emails to your PSA centre delegate(s), as well as PSA industrial staff:

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