PSA slams heartless NSW Government for wiping its hands of disability services - Public Service Association

PSA slams heartless NSW Government for wiping its hands of disability services

PSA media release

The Public Service Association has attacked the NSW Government for scrapping public disability services on the same day a billion dollar NDIS cost blow out has been revealed.

“This is the worst possible time for the NSW Government to be washing its hands of public disability services,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“It’s the disaster this union has been warning about for some time.

“NSW Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams is about to preside over the greatest social tragedy NSW has ever seen. That’s quite a legacy.”

The fate of tens of thousands of people with disabilities – the most vulnerable in our community – is now being handed to non-Government operators who will be focused on profits.

It comes as a new report from the Federal Health Department reveals it under estimated by  30,000 the number of people expected to access the NDIS – leading to a cost blow out of $1 billion.

“There is not going to be the money nor the capacity to properly service people with disability under the NDIS and by June 2018, the NSW Government will have completely stepped out of that space,” Mr Little said.

“NSW will be the only state in Australia with no Government safety net, throwing the care of people with disability into free fall.

“Tens of thousands stand to fall through the cracks destined to land in the state’s hospitals, mental health facilities and even the criminal justice system –  areas lacking expertise in specialist disability care.”

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