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PSA Wins Case on Super

The PSA has won its case to stop the Government cutting our wage increase by the increase in superannuation.

In a unanimous decision the Full Bench found in favour of the PSA.

On 1 May 2013 the O’Farrell Government announced it would discount the 2.5% salary increase by the 0.25% increase in the superannuation guarantee contribution.  Over time this would have eroded your take home pay.

The PSA initiated this case and was then joined by Unions NSW and other public sector unions.  Our position remains that the Government’s 2.5% cap is on wages alone.

We call on the Government to accept the umpire’s ruling and not appeal this decision.

The next step is for the awards to be varied in line with today’s decision.  This process will take place through the IRC and members will be kept up to date on the progress.

We should take a moment to celebrate today’s achievement.

Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

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