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PSA wins reinstatement and backpay for prison officer

The PSA has had a significant victory on behalf of a Port Macquarie Corrective Services Officer who had been dismissed.

The Industrial Relations Commission ordered the member be reinstated and paid the wages lost since his dismissal in September 2013.

The PSA had attempted to settle the matter with Corrective Services through the conciliation process but were rebuffed by the Department.

The matter was then taken to the Industrial Relations Commission.

The case was heard by Justice Harrison who found in favour of the PSA.

In his decision, Justice Harrison stated Corrective Services’ internal investigation had been “fatally flawed”, the evidence given by an inmate was “beset with inconsistency” and that the member had not committed the alleged offence, therefore the termination was “harsh, unreasonable and unjust”.

Mr Fraser praised the PSA for their steadfast support.

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