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PSA working with Legal Aid to ensure COVID-19 safety for members

Your union, the PSA, has been working very hard with Legal Aid management to ensure your safety. We have been participating in bi-weekly union-management consultative meetings, where we have been successful in reducing face-to-face contact between staff and the public to a minimum.

The latest example of our activity has been in the Criminal Law Division. PSA delegates and activists were able to convince Legal Aid management to adopt a proposal to conduct AVL appearances from Legal Aid premises, rather than from Local Court premises. Legal Aid management is to be congratulated on successfully persuading other agencies and authorities that this was the best way to proceed. Conducting AVL appearances from Legal Aid premises will allow for enhanced social distancing and infection risk mitigation.

Throughout this crisis, the PSA has been encouraging Legal Aid management to allow working from home to the maximum extent possible. Legal Aid is well ahead of a number of other comparable agencies in implementing this important measure.

These successes demonstrate what can be achieved by organised, professional workers working through their union. Unfortunately, members can be certain that the current crisis will continue to require further vigorous interventions by the PSA. Please take this opportunity to encourage any of your colleagues who are not yet members to sign up without delay.

Members who experiencing problems or with ideas during this difficult period are encouraged to contact their Delegates to seek union assistance.

Dane Bracewell   
Justin Hutchinson or 0419 287 985
John Moratelli Central Council  

PSA staff

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer or 0408 400 146
Glenn Duncan Organiser or 0409 455 682

What can you do?

  • Encourage your colleagues to JOIN the PSA online
  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues.
  • Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.
  • Get involved as a PSA Delegate or Contact
  • Get in touch with your Organiser.

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