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PSA Young Workers Group Charity Trivia Night

PSA Young Workers Group Charity Trivia Night – April 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA Young Workers Group will be holding a trivia night on Thursday 9 May with all proceeds being donated in support of Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA. Held on Level 11, PSA House from 6pm, entry will be $5 and drinks and other snacks will be made available on the night. Additionally, there will be prizes for the winning teams.

What is APHEDA?

APHEDA is the international aid arm of the trade union movement in Australia. It is built on the idea of international solidarity and has an approach of self-reliance, not charity.

APHEDA works with a number of partner organisations internationally, such as local unions to help implement its programs. Examples of programs APHEDA helps run include assisting the Samoa First Union to organise and build its membership and campaigning to stop the use of asbestos across South East Asia.

We are lucky in Australia that many of the working conditions we take for granted have been built on the back of strong and free trade unions operating over a number of generations. In other nations this is simply not the case.  

It is not uncommon in developing nations for union officials to be persecuted and even killed for simply doing their job. In Columbia, since 1989, more than 3000 trade unionists have been murdered for standing up for better rates of pay and conditions. APHEDA aims to change all of this and that is why the PSA is a proud supporter of this great organisation.

If you are interested in the trivia night please contact Surabi Alauddin at . Places are limited and RSVPs are due by close of business Friday 26 April.

Young Workers Group

If you would like to get more involved in what the PSA is doing for its younger members, we encourage you to join our young workers group. The PSA/CPSU NSW set this up in order to give younger members a louder voice and to better support their industrial needs.

If you want to get involved, please join our Facebook group

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