Realignment Joint Consultative Committee update

Realignment Joint Consultative Committee Update - July 2020 (PDF version)

Your union met with management on 9 July 2020 for the fortnightly discussion in relation to current realignments and restructures.

A presentation was delivered in relation to Wellbeing during the pandemic, with specific reference to hygiene, health orders and operational requirements. We were informed the presentation is being made available to employees. The takeaway message is that staff should continue to work from home if able to do so while employees with priority needs should talk to their manager about returning to the workplace. There is no set target date for people to return en masse; staff are welcome to apply to return if they wish to. Please talk to your local delegate if you need support with negotiating a return with your manager.

In regard to border closures, the Department is looking at how best to assist staff close to, or living across, the border. They have not as yet identified what measures they may take.

Current RMPs

Everyone in the CEI has transitioned over and the program is concluding. A number of staff have chosen VR. HR is case managing those who have opted for redeployment.

In CTO, EOI candidates have been interviewed, offers have been made.

BDM is progressing slowly with 9/10 roles now in Stage 4. If you are a member in BDM and you still have concerns, please speak with your local delegate in the first instance and then contact member support if necessary.

The SMO final structure has been approved. FAQs will be sent out to staff involved in this RMP.

Other business

The PSA raised concerns about messaging from senior management about the Salaries Case and how it may affect ongoing employment. Let us be very clear about this: there is no truth to statements such as:

  • If the PSA wins its case, the Department will not be able to keep staff
  • Em Hogan has said there will be no employees made excess but that will be reviewed in light of the outcome of the case
  • If the PSA lose the case there will be no forced redundancies

There are no forced redundancies at the moment due to COVID – a forced redundancy is what you get at the end of a redeployment period if you haven’t found a role. People are still being declared excess, opting to take voluntary redundancies and exiting the Department.

Regardless of the result of the wages case, at some point there will be forced redundancies.

NSW PSIR has said that although the Premier stated that there would be no job losses for 12 months, this is not currently in place. There may be an extension to the length of the redeployment period (currently three months) but there is no information on that at this point in time.

Bottom line: if your senior management is telling you that your future employment is dependent on the PSA, you should thank them for confirming the power of the union.

The next meeting of the RJCC will be delayed as your union is in the IRC having lodged a dispute in relation to a SafeWork matter.

If you have concerns in relation to a current RMP, please contact your local delegate in the first instance or the Member Support Centre on


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