RTA sees red over public service rally - Public Service Association

RTA sees red over public service rally

The Roads and Traffic Authority has banned employees from wearing red to work tomorrow ahead of a major public sector rally.

In a memo to all staff, the RTA has warned staff ‘must not wear additional items of red non-RTA clothing’. Staff who wore red could be subject to disciplinary measures under the ‘RTA Clothing Policy’, according to the memo from the HR department.

The Public Service Association, which represents RTA employees, has asked members to wear red to a major rally in the Domain tomorrow protesting against cuts to public sector jobs, wages and conditions.

“We’re expecting a big turnout from RTA employees at the rally,” said PSA Industrial Officer Greg Shaw.

“Hundreds of jobs are to be cut from the RTA under the O’Farrell Government’s transport reform plans.

“Of most concern is that motor registries are to be turned into one-stop shops to service all transport enquiries. Motor registries are already short-staffed and struggle to meet demand, leading to long waiting times for customers.

“This leads to growing pressure on employees. We’re expecting a good turn out from the RTA at the rally tomorrow for that reason.

“Customers are warned to expect disruptions and closures at motor registries tomorrow between 1am and 2pm as employees take the opportunity to stand up for jobs and resources for the RTA.”

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