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The PSA Disputes EPA Executive Realignment

Realignment Disputed - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA has lodged a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) of NSW due to EPA’s lack of proper consultation, as per the Consultation Arrangement, Policy and Guideline, July 1997, regarding the proposed executive realignment of the Agency.

The PSA has consistently attempted to engage with management on behalf of members since this realignment was announced.

On Tuesday 28 January, the PSA was told by EPA members that senior managers have advised them that the implementation of a new executive structure will be finalised on 3 February, 2020. After relaying concerns surrounding a lack of consultation, the PSA was invited to attend a meeting with EPA management on Friday 31 January to discuss the Executive Realignment. During this meeting, the PSA brought up the failure of EPA management to engage in any consultation since December 2019. The PSA requested that the executive realignment be postponed until proper consultation occurred between the EPA and the PSA. The EPA advised the PSA that there would be little or no impact on our members as the changes would only be in a “placeholder” capacity, and not operational.

Correspondence sent from management regarding the realignment on Friday confirmed that executive changes were indeed operational and recent developments have confirmed that changes that are affecting members have been made, despite assurances to the contrary from EPA management.

At no point in this process has your union been properly consulted.

As such, the PSA has lodged this dispute. The dispute is listed in the IRC for today, 6 February 2020.

If you have any important feedback on how this realignment has affected you, please send it to your Newcastle-based delegate, David Bell, who will be collating feedback on behalf of the PSA in association with your other Parramatta-based delegates, Jane Burgett and Judith Greenwood:

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