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We need YOUR feedback – Police District Administrative Restructure

District Restructure - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

Following LAC amalgamations implemented in 2018, NSW Police has reviewed the Administrative structure of Police Districts.

The final draft of an endorsed new Administrative staffing model was presented to the PSA and regional Commands on Wednesday 6 February.

This restructure proposal includes the deletion of so-called “duplicate” Roster Officer, General Administrative Officer, and Executive Officer roles in some Commands and the addition of new Clerk 3/4 Administration Support Officers in some Commands.

Members should have received all the relevant information from NSW Police including:

  • Change Management Strategy
  • Slides of Powerpoint Presentation.

A two-week consultation period has now commenced for members to provide feedback and raise relevant concerns, as well as seek any required clarifications. It is intended that the PSA will provide this feedback in a written response to NSW Police by COB Wednesday 19 February from members’ collated submissions.

If it becomes clear that this timeframe is too limited for adequate consultation, or communication of answers from NSW Police over the next two weeks is not timely, the PSA can consider seeking an extension.

As a matter of priority, the PSA needs to know if you are an affected member who would like a voluntary redundancy (VR). Please get in touch on the details below.

The PSA encourages all members to participate in this process by:

  • asking all necessary questions and clarifications of the HR Workforce Reform team
  • sending email feedback via the Smack Box (#HRCHANGE)
  • seeking all necessary information from HR Workforce Reform and Management in your Police District (such as Role Descriptions or other appropriate documents)
  • providing written feedback to the PSA per below by COB Monday 17 February.

If you would like to organise a meeting in your workplace, please get in touch as soon as possible. Whilst every endeavour will be made to facilitate requested visits in person with PSA staff, the two-week timeframe may mean that some requested meetings may have to take place via teleconference.

All written feedback should be submitted via email to:
Roland Harris Organiser

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer

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