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Your Sheriffs SOVBAG Delegates

Your Sheriffs SOVBAG delegates – November 2018 (PDF version)

Recently the SOVBAG delegates for the PSA were elected. The SOVBAG is the state-wide delegate structure that comes together to discuss issues surrounding the Office of the Sheriffs at a larger scale.

While these people are your representatives at the PSA, they are also able to help with workplace level issues.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot get involved as well. Contact the organisers for the office of the Sheriffs – Kirra Jackson () and Glenn Duncan (). We can help organise a workplace meeting, as well as talk to you about how to get more involved.

Thank you again to all who nominated – a health SOVBAG is one that is contested, and you’re helping to ensure that this organisation stays democratic.

Congratulations to the New SOVBAG Delegates:

Jonathon Martinez

Edward Lia

Monique Muir

Joseph Safour

Stephen Hancock

Glenn Elliott-Rudder

Daniel De La Paz

What can you do to get more involved?

  • Contact your PSA Delegates or Organisers
  • Share this flyer with members in your workplace
  • Talk to non-members about the Union and why you’re a part of it.
  • Come to a training session. All Union Members get up to 12 days every two years of special paid leave for union training. More information can be found HERE.

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