The PSA represents members employed as prison officers, correctional officers and prison support staff who work in both private and public prisons across NSW.  These members often face difficult and dangerous circumstances during the course of their work, making adequate staffing levels important to ensure they can successfully deal with a full range of contingencies.




PART 4: Prison Officers Respect the Risk Campaign POVB

Jan 11, 2018

PART 3: Prison Officers Respect the Risk Campaign POVB

Jan 11, 2018

Respect The Risk in prisons video #2

Dec 15, 2017

Respect the risk in prisons

Dec 13, 2017

Over the coming weeks you are going to see a number of videos of prison officers explaining their role and function and the risks that they go through on a daily basis.

Video Introduction below by Nicole Jess, Chairperson POVB NSW and Jason Charlton Vice-Chairperson POVB NSW.

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Prison Officers’ Legal Fund

In June 2003, the PSA established a legal fund as a protective measure for non-commissioned prison officers who may be charged with a criminal offence in the workplace.

The corrections industry can be dangerous with uniformed staff often placed in positions of direct conflict with inmates and members of the public.

This can lead to unfair accusations of criminal behaviour.

As the PSA does not provide financial assistance to any member who has been charged with a criminal offence, the PSA Executive decided to establish the legal fund.

To contribute to the fund, contact the elected Prison Officers Vocational Branch official at your workplace for an application.

Alternatively, talk to the POVB Organiser or Industrial Officer at the PSA on 1300 772 679.

They can also assist if you wish to access the fund.

Any such requests will be passed on to the trustees.

Only financial members of the union are entitled to contribute to the fund.

Subscription is $4.00 per fortnight which is tax deductible and includes GST.

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