A Fresh Start - Public Service Association


Our members are finally getting the respect they deserve for their work.

Union voices rang out loud and clear in the past year. Whether it was PSA members demanding an end to the wage cap, CPSU NSW members walking off the job for better pay or the campaign to get voters thinking about the perils of privatisation, the PSA CPSU NSW has been loud and proud.

Our members’ efforts have paid dividends, with progress already made on issues such as the wage cap, job insecurity and the environment.

Through actions like lobbying and last year’s statewide strike, the PSA CPSU NSW has its voice heard in the halls of power.

And this voice is now louder, thanks to a change of government.

The PSA CPSU NSW is not affiliated to any political party.

However, the result of the 25 March 2023 state election does give our union a chance to take a fresh approach to the way we do

Our union was on the front foot in the months leading up to the election, reminding voters that issues such as privatisation and needless wage restraint hurt not only our members, but the wider community.

In addition, we highlighted the damage done to institutions such as our national parks and our world-class TAFE system. Again, this neglect is not only bad for our members working in these areas, it does utmost harm to our state and its future.

The fresh start we have with a new administration means we can undo the damage of 12 long, painful years under a succession of premiers who never even tried to hide their contempt for our members and the union that proudly represents them.

The 2023 Annual Conference brings together members from a variety of workplaces, each with a different role to play in the betterment of NSW.

As a union, we are excited about the fresh start we have for the public sector, our members and the future of our state.

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