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Women’s Conference 2023: Embrace Equity

Embrace Equity was the theme for the 2023 PSA CPSU NSW Women’s Conference.

Held on 7 and 8 September 2023 at PSA House Sydney, Women’s Conference heard from high-calibre speakers unafraid to tackle serious subjects, such as sexual harassment, homelessness and the rental crisis, Aboriginal dispossession and countless other issues affecting women in the modern workplace.

In addition, it was a great networking event, giving women from across the PSA CPSU NSW’s diverse membership the chance to meet and share stories and opportunities.

You can view the Women’s Conference 2023 Program HERE


Sophie Cotsis
The Hon Sophie Cotsis MP

NSW Minister for Industrial Relations, and Work Health and Safety

Rose Jackson
The Hon. Rose Jackson MLC

NSW Minister for Housing, Homelessness and Water

Jodie Harrison
The Hon. Jodie Harrison MP

NSW Minister for Women, Seniors and the Prevention of Domestice Violence and Sexual Assault

Liesl Tesch
Liesl Tesch MP

State Member for Gosford, Former Paralympian

Jean Kittson
Jean Kittson

Broadcaster and Author

Jenney Leong
Jenny Leong MP

MP for Newtown, Greens Spokesperson for Women, Industrial Relations, Housing and Homelessness

Annabelle Daniel
Annabelle Daniel OAM

Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Community Shelters

Erica Smits
Shanice Leadbeatter

PSA CPSU NSW Aboriginal Council

Lua Pellegrini
Lua Pellegrini


Erica Smits
Erica Smits

Deputy Chair, PSA CPSU NSW Aboriginal Council

Jami Walker
Jami Walker

Community Education Manager, Gidget Foundation Australia

Sarah O'Brien
Sarah O’Brien

General Manager, Regulatory and Technical Services, Rest

Sydney Colussi
Sydney Colussi

Researcher, Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney

Christina Hey-Nguyen
Christina Hey-Nguyen

Leader, Respect at Work Taskforce, SafeWork NSW

Karen Willis
Karen Willis OAM

Gender Equity Officer, Unions NSW

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