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Why you should switch from payroll to direct debit or credit card

The Public Service Association prefers members pay fees via direct debit or credit card. Relying on your employer to forward your payments via payroll deductions can be cut off at any time leaving you without coverage, we encourage members to make the switch.

By making the switch today from payroll deductions to direct debit or recurring credit cardyou will get:

  • More privacy by keeping your payments to the PSA a confidential matter between you and your union
  • Greater control of your finances
  • Independence from relying on your employer who may cease your payroll deductions at any time leaving you vulnerable
  • Peace of mind knowing you have secured your PSA membership in the future
  • Reassurance when it comes to issues within the workplace.

To make the ‘Switch’ just log in and amend your details online or go to our website psa.asn.au.

Find the Switch form HERE.