PSA Presidents and General Secretary's - Public Service Association

PSA Presidents and General Secretary’s

PresidentYearGeneral SecretaryYear
Delohery, C1899Osbourne, J1900-1908
Turner, J. W1900-1901Hill, E. J1909-1912
McKay, G. A1902Peek, R1912-1914
Vautin, E, S1902-1903Wills, F1914-1931
Williams, P. E1904Irving, C. C.1931-1932
Brownlow, F. H1905O'Sullivan., E1932-1945
Kilminster, G1906O'Neile, R. J.1945-1959
Darcy, J. S. BA1907Sutherland, R. J1959-1966
Paton, A1908Nicholls, E. J1966-1971
D'Arcy, J. S. BA1909-1912Hammond, G. B1971-1985
Beavis, W. W. B1913-1914Twohill, H1986-1989
Darcy, J. S BA1915Gibson, A1989-1993
Watson, A. A1916-1918Good, J. B.Bus.ALA1993-2000
Kilminster, G1919O'Sullivan, M. B.A2000-2003
Watson, A. A1920-21Cahill, J2003-2012
Greig, W. A1922Gardiner, A. R.N., M.Safety.Sc2012-16
McCulloch, J. E1923Little, S. B.App.Sc2016-
Trollope, A. J1924
Watson, A.A1925-1927
Flynn, W. A1928-1932
Hodge-Smith, T1933-1935
Weir, G. LLB1936-1938
Drummond, C1939-1941
Tout A. J1942-1945
Hedges, F. L1946-1949
Johnston. N. P. S1950-1951
Hook, F.A1952-1963
Solomons. L. W1964-1966
Hillyard, A. G1967-1975
Finnane, T. J. MBE. E.D1975-1979
Jardine, B. S. PhD BA1979-1981
Brown, E. J. JP1981-1985
Naylor, P.E. JP1985-1987
Good, J1987-1989
Armstrong, P1989-1991
Good, J. B.Bus. ALA1991-1993
O'Sullivan, M. B.A1993-2000
Walsh, S2000-2016
McKelvie, K. BSocSc2016-2021
Jess, N2021-

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