Women’s Conference – Together We Can!

Together We Can!

The 2018 PSA/CPSU NSW Women’s Conference will be held on 11 and 12 September at PSA House in Sydney. It is a forum that provides an opportunity for women members to hear expert speakers on topics of interest and to improve their knowledge and skills in particular areas as well as contribute to important campaigns for women.
It is also an excellent networking experience.

The conference is advertised in Red Tape and here on the PSA website. All women members are eligible to attend. Places are reserved for first-time attendees.

Thank you to everyone who applied to attend the conference. Enrolments are now closed.

Keynote speakers-
Michele O’Neil, ACTU President
Sarah Kaine, Associate Professor, UTS
Kate Lee, CEO, APHEDA-Union Aid Abroad

Political Panel-
Jenny Aitchison MP, NSW Labor Party
Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens
Natalie Ward MLC, NSW Liberal Party
National Spokesperson invited
Shooters and Fishers and Farmers spokesperson invited