PSA Leadership - Public Service Association

PSA Leadership

Stewart Little
General Secretary

In his second term as PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little understands the issues many members of our union face in the workplace.

A member of the PSA since 1995, Stewart has worked as a Disability Support Worker in FACS, at the NSW Parliamentary Library and Research Centre, the former Amalgamated Metal Workers Union and the Police Association of NSW.

He is committed to ensuring your union delivers first-rate assistance and job protection for members.

Acknowledging many of our members work in positions with high levels of workplace trauma, he has implemented a variety of programs to protect their mental health.

Troy Wright
Assistant General Secretary

Troy began with Corrective Services NSW as a Probation and Parole officer in 1997 and joined the PSA immediately.

Having completed an LLB on a part-time basis across eight years, he understands and is committed to flexible work practices and vocational opportunities for members.

In 2010, he joined the CPSU Federal Office as a National Industrial Officer, where he worked until his election as PSA Assistant General Secretary in 2016.

He remains passionate regarding our members in the Federal industrial relations system who are impacted by enterprise bargaining and privatisation.

Nicole Jess
Nicole Jess

When Nicole Jess first became a Prison Officer at the age of 20, she joined her union, the Public Service Association (PSA) of NSW. Today, she is President of that organistion.

Since the day she first began working with inmates, she has forged a career in one of Australia’s toughest occupations, all the while maintaining a strong sense of social justice.

A delegate for more than 25 years, Nicole has been a passionate force in the union, championing the issues Prison Officers face every day in a highly volatile and dangerous workplace. She is currently Chairperson of the Prison Officers’ Vocational Branch (POVB). Nicole is the first women to hold this position.

Nicole has been on the PSA’s Executive for more than 10 years, moving from Vice President to Senior Vice President to the Presidential role over five terms.

Most recently, she has channelled her strong sense of equality into establishing the union’s first ever LGBTQI Council.

Juliet Sizer
Juliette Sizer
Senior Vice President

Juliette Sizer is a School Admin Manager at Bangalow Public School and has worked in the NSW education system for nearly 30 years.

A unionist all her working life, she has been a PSA delegate since 2003.

Juliette is passionate about members’ job security, workload and proper recognition for the skills required in today’s schools. She is looking forward to working for all members of the PSA and CPSU NSW.

Shelley Odewahn
Shelley Odewahn
Vice President

A senior disability advisor at Southern Cross University, Shelley Odewahn has worked in the tertiary sector since 2000, joining the PSA/CPSU NSW the day she received her first full-time pay packet.

A delegate for nearly 20 years, Shelley is keen to address workplace flexibility, insecure employment and change management processes.

In her first term as vice-president, Shelley wants to see improved workplace protections for women members.

Frank Covic
Frank Kovic
Vice President

Frank Kovic worked at Community Services for 22 years as a Child Protection Caseworker.

Frank joined the PSA about two years into the job as a result of conflict with management over leave and travel entitlements.

A keen advocate of workplace health and safety and mental health at work, he looks forward to representing all members.


Central Council

Central Council is the PSA’s chief governing body.

It consists of the six-person Executive plus 39 delegates. It will hold two meetings per quarter a year.

6 members – General Secretary, President, Assistant General Secretary, Senior Vice President and two Vice Presidents – meets monthly.

Deals with policy, industrial and administrative matters and reports to Central Council.

Member Benefits

Our valued member benefits support program.

Union Membership - Unity Strength Respect

As a union member, you are part of Australia’s biggest social movement. Your union’s strength lies in its size; the more voices we have, the greater our power to bargain for better pay, conditions and benefits. Join your union today.

  • Collective strength; being a union member gives you a stronger voice when dealing with your employer
  • Standing up for your job: the PSA campaigns for a better-funded, strong public service
  • Journey insurance; get protection to and from work
  • Member benefits: get great discounts on a wide range of products and services
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