Aboriginal Council - Public Service Association

Aboriginal Council

The PSA CPSU NSW was one of the first unions in Australia to establish an Aboriginal Council.

The Council advises the union’s decision[1]making bodies on issues relating to Aboriginal members. It works to ensure Aboriginal members in the NSW Public Sector and other areas covered by the PSA CPSU NSW are given the best possible support in the workplace.

The PSA CPSU NSW is always fighting for more Aboriginal roles in the workplace, and better pathways to senior positions. It defends members against discrimination and unfair dismissal at work, and creates a supportive community for First Nations workers.

NameDelegate PositionAgency/Employer
Darrell BrownChairTraining Services NSW
Erica SmitsVice ChairPremier and Cabinet - Aboriginal Affairs NSW
Jody WhitehairSecretaryCorrective Services NSW - POVB
Karen-Ann BeasleyAssistant SecretaryCorrective Services NSW - Non Custodial
Shanice LeadbeatterDelegateCorrective Services - Non Custodial
Amber RiddleDelegateCorrective Services NSW - Non Custodial
Tony RileyDelegateCorrective Services NSW - Non Custodial
Jack MahoneyDelegateCorrective Services NSW - POVB
Belinda HallDelegateCorrective Service NSW - Non Custodial
Monique WalkerDelegateCorrective Services NSW
Skye MunroDelegateCorrective Services NSW POVB
Nicole EvansDelegateCommunity Services
Hilton DonovanDelegateSchools
Carlo SavgelliDelegateAboriginal Affairs NSW
Christine FranksDelegateYouth and Justice
Lisa KennedyDelegateHousing

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