NOTICE: CHANGE OF MEETING LOCATION – Crown Solicitor’s Office – PSA union meeting WHS/HSR basics and open plan proposal

Sep 19, 2017

NOTICE: CHANGE OF MEETING LOCATION – Crown Solicitor’s Office – WHS and HSR basics and open plan proposal – September 2017 (PDF version)

Date:  Wednesday 20 September

Time:  1pm – 2.15pm

Venue:  UPDATE – Heritage Room, Level 7



  1. “Work Health & Safety, and Health &Safety Representative Basics” Presentation by PSA WHS specialist, Suzanne Mann
  2. Report-back of PSA meeting with CSO management, 13.09.2017
  3. Discussion of concerns and feedback about open plan office proposal
  4. Discussion of future strategy
  5. Callout for workplace delegates and health & safety representatives
  6. Importance of building negotiating influence with management by increasing PSA membership – encouraging your colleagues to join the PSA
  7. Next PSA members’ meeting.



United we bargain, divided we beg – A unionised workplace is a fairer one!


PSA bulletin and meeting notice – DFSI – Better Regulation – Customer Experience

Sep 18, 2017

DFSI – Better Regulation – Customer Experience – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

KPIs for managers to reduce your unplanned leave

Concerns have been expressed by members across Customer Experience, and raises particular concern for the PSA, on the implementation of KPIs for managers.  One KPI encourages managers to reduce your rate of unplanned leave. In essence, a manager’s performance is being measured against how much of your unplanned leave they are able to reduce.

This is wholly inappropriate. Implementing such KPIs for managers will inevitably lead to management practices which conflict with sick leave and FACS leave entitlements.

Examples of this practice have recently been brought to the attention of the PSA, including examples of staff being pressured to use a portion of recreation leave in instances where they have applied for a period of carers/FACs leave.

If your manager has pressured you in this way please notify your union delegate.

Recreation leave exceeding 25 days

Also, some members have been requested by their managers to make provision to reduce their recreation leave balance when it exceeds 25 days.

Members should be aware that the only time Management can direct you to take recreation leave is when your accrued balance reaches six weeks.

The relevant Clause of your Award states:

Cl 77.2.3   The Department Head shall notify the staff member in writing when accrued recreation leave reaches 6 weeks or its hourly equivalent and direct staff to take at least 2 weeks recreation leave within 3 months of the notification at a time convenient to the Department.

The PSA will be holding a members’ meeting this Thursday, 21 September to discuss and sort through these issues.

From:       12:30-1:30pm

Address:  Customer Experience

Level 8, Room MQT08-M01-16V

Macquarie Tower

10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta



Illawarra disability members – Workplace group elections

Sep 18, 2017

Illawarra disability members – Want to get more involved – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

Want to get more involved in your union?

  • Would you like to become more involved in your union?
  • Interested in working with PSA/CPSU NSW members in your workplace?
  • Become a PSA/CPSU NSW delegate!

Your PSA/CPSU NSW delegate elections for the Illawarra Disability Workplace Group are on now.

If you want to have a say in how your union is run and be part of a collective effort to improve your rights at work by building strength on the ground, we encourage you to nominate and get involved in your union, the PSA/CPSU NSW.

As the privatisation begins it is more important than ever to have strong representation so that we can fight for a fair workplace and protect your conditions into the future.

You can find more about the role of delegates HERE


Nominate to be a delegate on the Illawarra Disability Workplace Group

Nominations are called for the following number of delegates in the positions listed below:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Vice Chair
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Women’s Officer
  • Mount View Delegate

Please note our previous bulletin did not include the Assistant Secretary position. This was an error and has been rectified in this bulletin.

Nomination Forms are available HERE, at the 5th floor Inquiry counter, PSA House,
160 Clarence Street Sydney or from the Wollongong Regional Office.

Each nomination must be seconded by two other persons who are from the same group as the nominee and are financial members of the Association.

For further information, email us at

Nominations may be submitted:

by post:
GPO Box 3365, Sydney NSW 2001

by email:

by hand delivery:
PSA Inquiry counter on Level 5,
160 Clarence Street, Sydney

faxed to:
(02) 9262 1623

so as to reach the PSA Head Office no later than 5pm Monday, 25 September 2017.

Come and celebrate, enjoy some light refreshments on us…

The election will be held along with a celebration of the fantastic PSA/CPSU NSW win in court that protects your rostering principles on:


Thursday, 28 September 2017


Robert Jenkins Room – Berkeley Sports

5 Wilkinson Street, Berkeley


Housing members at Liverpool – Get to know your delegates

Sep 18, 2017

Housing members at Liverpool – Get to know your delegates – Sept. 2017 (PDF version)

A new Workplace Group Committee has been elected to represent and support PSA members at the Housing Contact Centre.

Your delegates are:

David Mathias, Chairperson
Satvindar Singh, Secretary
Grace Borsellino, Women’s Officer

The other delegates are:

Donna Jimeno
Susan Simpson
Klaled El Cheikh
Martin Sharan
Joan Davis
Jessica Niemann

The HCC Workplace Committee meets four times a year and has an Annual General Meeting to which all PSA members are invited.

As well as the Workplace Group Committee, there is the Housing Departmental Committee (DC) which represents all members in Housing across the state. Your delegates on the DC are David Mathias and Satvindar Singh who will represent local Housing offices in the SWS District. The HCC positions on the DC were previously held by Kristelle Taylor and Bob Gauke and we thank them for their contribution.

PSA Organiser Vivette Horrex regularly visits the HCC workplace, so please drop in and say hello or contact by Vivette or mobile 0408 410747.

Joint Consultative Committee

The PSA Industrial Officer, Katy Ambler and HCC Workplace delegates meet quarterly with the HCC Director as part of the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

The PSA has a Member Support Centre for further assistance with an industrial matter. Contact 1300 772 679.

If you want to get involved in PSA campaigns, please contact us. How?

Training and ongoing support is provided.

University of Newcastle – Enterprise bargaining update

Sep 18, 2017

Uni of Newcastle Enterprise bargaining update – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

Your union, the CPSU NSW, met with the university representatives and other bargaining representatives on 13 September 2017 to begin substantive bargaining for a new Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement.

Activity began in May and there have been a number of meetings as preparation and background to develop protocols for bargaining with a view to avoiding the delays that have characterised previous negotiations. We also received preparatory briefings on the university’s financial situation and sector-wide contingencies.

The university has explained the factors affecting its current financial position, and the likely impacts of current Federal Government proposals. The university has costed our claims in their totality and characterised our modest claims as “extensive”, emphasising concerns about additional costs. An additional briefing was given by the COO and CFO. This of course is how EB sessions begin. The CPSU NSW emphasised there are a number of issues in our log of claims that go to the improvement of the working environment and increase in job satisfaction, and have little or no cost impact. We approach discussions knowing that it is rare to achieve all items in our Log of Claims and our negotiations will be modified in line with instructions from the CPSU NSW membership. In this first meeting, each party prioritised the issues generally, and particularly the clauses in the current Agreement using a “red/orange/green” classification to distinguish the level of change and discussion required on each topic. Your responses to our earlier survey allowed us to prioritise your concerns around Classification, Organisational Change, Redeployment/Redundancy, Categories of Employment, Flexible Work, Union Rights, and of course the Salary Rates to be Paid, seeking improvement in each of these areas.

The university has prioritised its aim to streamline PART B Performance and Conduct by removing or limiting the use of Committees and Inquiry Officers. They aim to address changes affecting only one person in PART D Managing Change as well as streamlining that general change process without affecting entitlements. The university also aims to modify  PART F Working Environment to simplify the issues they see as procedural or policy matters. With the increase in online work they wish to review PART H employment categories to provide for hybrid positions that cross academic/professional boundaries. The university also questions the contemporary relevance of the Classification Descriptors. All of this will make for some robust negotiations in the coming weeks.

We set a schedule of further meetings on a fortnightly basis, the next being 27 September with an agenda to discuss the ATSI Employment clause, Superannuation, Flexibility, Performance Review and Development, Job Redesign, and Incapacity. At the end of each meeting we will set the agenda for the next and we will continue to report to you on progress.

We will also be calling General Meetings or conducting further surveys as necessary when the issues under discussion require further direction from you, and you are reminded to contact your bargaining representatives at any time if you have any concerns affecting the substantive matters or the process.

This is your Agreement being negotiated by your CPSU NSW representatives. Stay involved in the process to ensure we can take your voice to the table. At the end of the negotiation you will be asked to vote on the package and we want that to be an informed and deliberate vote.

Help maintain a strong union voice. Ask your colleagues to stand with you by joining the CPSU NSW today.

Your bargaining representatives are:

Staff representatives

Sue Freeman –
Nick Koster –

CPSU NSW staff

Ron Hunter –
Jann Jeffries –

Please note, CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body for, and resources and manages, the CPSU NSW


Transport for NSW Burwood meeting notice

Sep 15, 2017

Transport for NSW Burwood meeting notice – September 2017 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, will be attending your workplace to talk to members and non-members about a range of important issues.

20 September 2017

12-1pm and 1-2pm (you may attend either meeting)

2-14 Elsie Street, Burwood. L1 Wirragulla room


  • Procurement review
  • Change management framework
  • Current union campaigns
  • General business.

Membership forms will be available for those wishing to sign up on the day. All staff are encouraged to join the PSA and be involved by having a say in how their workplace is run.

It’s time to get involved!


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