Elderly fear services will be denied under home care privatisation –The Sydney Morning Herald

Nov 18, 2014

Elderly people receiving home care services from the NSW government are concerned they will be denied basic assistance under the transfer of the scheme to the private sector.

Read the Herald article HERE.

PSA News – 18 November 2014

Nov 18, 2014

Draft Assignment to Role Guidelines

Thank you to those members who participated in the PSA survey on the Public Service Commission’s Draft Assignment to Role Guidelines.

This survey was completed by more than 800 members who are covered under the Government Sector Employment Act.

The priority concerns raised by members will help shape the PSA’s response to the Public Service Commission which is due on 21 November.

Greens’ bill to save TAFE defeated by Baird Government

The Greens’ bid to bring TAFE back from the brink in NSW has been blocked by a coalition of MPs hell-bent on handing over public money to private for-profit training providers at the public provider’s expense.

A bill introduced by Greens NSW MP John Kaye and passed by the NSW Upper House in June was defeated in the Legislative Assembly last Thursday 13 November.

Read the media release and see who voted to save TAFE and who didn’t HERE.

Further information regarding temporary employees

On 4 November, PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner emailed members about a significant win for temporary employees.

Read the email HERE.

The PSA has now provided feedback to the Public Service Commissioner about the proposed amendments to the Government Sector Employment Rules 2014.

Read the letter HERE.

Financial transparency in the PSA

The summary of PSA Financial Accounts for the year ended December 2013 is published in the current Red Tape.

This summary can be found HERE.

Despite reduced income for this period, the PSA has been able to post an overall profit.

Members and the community say NO to ADHC privatisation

Well done to all PSA members who attended last Thursday’s anti-privatisation rally at Parliament House.

A petition with 25,000 signatures was presented at the rally.

Around 1,000 union members, clients, their parents and carers, and members of the community took part in the rally which exposed the Government’s intention to privatise all of Ageing, Disability and Home Care services.

This was no easy achievement given the extraordinary lengths the NSW Government has gone to in order to disguise this privatisation from NSW voters.

Read PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner’s speech at the rally HERE.

The rally forced the NSW Government to expose its position to public scrutiny on a wide range of issues, including what it intends to do with around $800 million worth of assets, protection of quality jobs, pay and workplace rights and how it will ensure that people continue to receive the services they need.

There is still a considerable amount of work ahead in order to win this fight, but last Thursday showed that it is indeed winnable.

Delegates and staff of the PSA have already met to discuss the next stage of the campaign.

Join the conversation by following the campaign on Twitter HERE.

Also comment using #arealchoice

And go to the PSA Facebook page HERE and the Hands off public disability services in NSW Facebook page HERE and like and share far and wide.

You can also direct parents and supporters in the community to ourchoiceisadhc.com

Greens bill to save TAFE defeated by Baird government

Nov 18, 2014

Greens bill to save TAFE defeated by Baird November 2014 (PDF version)

The Greens’ bid to bring TAFE back from the brink in NSW has been blocked by Liberals and Nationals MPs hell-bent on handing over public money to private for-profit training providers at the public provider’s expense.

A Bill introduced by Greens NSW MP John Kaye and passed by the NSW Upper House in June was defeated in the Legislative Assembly last Thursday 13 November.

The legislation sought to stop the introduction of the Baird government’s Smart and Skilled training market, restore TAFE funding and freeze TAFE fees and the flow of money going to private providers at 2010/11 levels.

Dr Kaye said: “The Baird Government has refused to acknowledge the destructive impact their policies are already having on NSW’s world-class public provider of vocational education and training.

“This bill would have saved TAFE from the very worst of the damage that consecutive Labor and Coalition governments have inflicted on it.

“By voting against this legislation the Nationals have condemned students all over rural and regional NSW to poor quality education, lost opportunities and increased fees.

“The Liberals’ Matt Kean and the Nationals’ Kevin Anderson disputed figures of job losses in TAFE that were provided to the Greens by the Education Minister himself.

“The same MPs conveniently glossed over the fact that they signed a pre-election pledge to increase TAFE funding, keep it affordable for all, and stop further privatisation of VET. Those Coalition promises are now a distant memory.

“Each of the Liberal and Nationals MPs who spoke against the bill displayed utter contempt for all those who are campaigning in support of a secure future for TAFE.

“They repeatedly belittled the Upper House’s support for the bill, ignoring the fact that the proportionally-elected Legislative Council more closely represents the views of the people of NSW.

“It is the Liberals and Nationals MPs who will stand condemned by their decision to support the slashing of TAFE’s budget, the loss of over 1200 jobs, massive fee increases for students and the privatisation of the VET sector.

“Education Minister Adrian Piccoli did not show TAFE teachers, staff, students and the community the courtesy of bothering to speak on debate on the bill.

“Mr Piccoli was in the House to vote against the legislation but never spoke on the bill, despite being the Minister responsible.

“The campaign to stop Smart and Skilled from savaging TAFE is far from over.

“Smart and Skilled has already delivered training contracts for huge multi-national corporations including McDonalds, Serco and Echo, the owner of the Star casino, all funded by the NSW taxpayer.

“While TAFE Institutes have survived this round, nothing can stop a re-elected Coalition government from cutting its slice of the funding pie even thinner.

“The Greens will continue to work for a funding system that preserves TAFE as the dominant provider of vocational education and training and gives it the resources it needs to deliver high quality public education,” Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

To read the whole debate in the Legislative Assembly, click here.

Members of the Legislative Assembly who spoke against the bill: Hornsby MP Matt Kean (Liberal), Cronulla MP Mark Speakman (Liberal), Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson (Nationals), Myall Lakes MP Stephen Bromhead (Nationals) and Riverstone MP Kevin Connolly (Liberal).

Members of the Legislative Council who spoke in favour of the bill: Keira MP Ryan Park (Labor), Sydney MP Alex Greenwich (Independent) & Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper (Independent)

Voting record:

From Legislative Assembly Hansard Thursday 13 November 2014


Second Reading
Question—That this bill be now read a second time—put.

The House divided.

Ayes, 21

Mr Barr
Ms Burton
Mr Collier
Mr Crakanthorp
Mr Daley
Mr Furolo
Mr Greenwich
Ms Harrison
Mr Hoenig
Ms Hornery
Mr Lynch
Dr McDonald
Ms Mihailuk
Mr Park
Mr Parker
Mr Robertson
Ms Tebbutt
Ms Watson
Mr ZangariTellers,
Mr Amery
Ms Hay

Noes, 42

Mr Anderson
Mr Aplin
Mr Barilaro
Mr Baumann
Ms Berejiklian
Mr Bromhead
Mr Brookes
Mr Conolly
Mr Constance
Mr Coure
Mr Doyle
Mr Evans
Mr Flowers
Mr Gee
Mr George
Ms Goward
Mr Grant
Mr Gulaptis
Mr Hartcher
Mr Hazzard
Mr Issa
Dr Lee
Mr Marshall
Mr Notley-Smith
Mr O’Dea
Mr Page
Ms Parker
Mr Perrottet
Mr Piccoli
Mr Provest
Mr Rohan
Mr Rowell
Mr Sidoti
Mr Smith
Mr Speakman
Mr Stoner
Ms Upton
Mr Ward
Mr R. C. Williams
Mrs WilliamsTellers,
Mr Patterson
Mr J. D. Williams


Ms Burney Mr Baird
Mr Lalich Mr Dominello
Mrs Perry Mr O’Farrell
Mr Rees Mrs Skinner


National Disability Insurance Agency ‘saves’ money by not spending – The Sydney Morning Herald

Nov 17, 2014

“It’s not really a saving if it means the money is not being spend on the kids who need it or it’s being spent on cheap therapy which is not effective,” – Autism Awareness Australia chief executive Nicole Rogerson

Read the Herald story HERE.

Child protection staff ‘frontline heroes’ – PS News on-line

Nov 14, 2014

Child protection case workers are “frontline heroes”, according to the Minister for Family and Community Services, Gabrielle Upton.

Launching the Family and Community Services’ (FACS) report, Shining a light on good practice in NSW 2014, she said child protection staff “deserve the same level of community support and recognition as our emergency services”.

“Government and non-government case workers are saving kids’ lives every day, but it usually goes unseen and unheralded,” Ms Upton said.

“Our case workers are frontline heroes helping families turn things around and making it possible for children to live safe and secure lives,” she said.

“It is amazing work performed by hard-working and courageous people”.

Minister praises FACS caseworkers

Ms Upton said the report contained glimmers of the hope in a very busy and challenging child protection system.

“The stories featured are personal accounts of children and families as well as our caseworkers whose tireless work on the frontline is making a real and lasting difference,” she said.

Caseworker at FACS, Charlotte, in one story and reflects on client Hannah’s (not her real name) journey from addiction to parenthood.

“If we want to keep families together we need to have faith that a parent can change,” Charlotte said.

“Hannah seemed determined to make a good life for her daughter Kaylee… I had faith in Hannah,” she said.

“Underneath it all, she always had this drive that was pushing her along.”

You can read the report HERE.

PSA protest targets NSW plans to privatise housing worth $800m for disabled – The Sydney Morning Herald

Nov 14, 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald has followed yesterday’s coverage of our hugely successful rally with a story about the future of more than $800 million in government-owned property with the transfer of ADHC to the private sector.

Read the Herald article HERE.



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